A word from Redcon CEO Mendel Medalie

My vision is to supply safe, clean, well functioning and appealing spaces that are located mainly in the inner city of Johannesburg.

My hope is that this offers you a base and a home from which you can go on and explore your talents, and to positively impact the world and people around you.

We are a family business that started developing and selling townhouses in the East Rand in the mid 2000s. Since then, we have changed our focus to a more sustainable business model of owning and renting out flats/spaces in the Johannesburg CBD and it's surroundings.

We have been doing this for 10 years now, and own 10 buildings that cover more than

100 000 m² that nearly 800 tenants call home.

The reason we’re now starting a monthly newsletter is that I’ve taken it for granted that you’re aware of what’s available to you in our properties, as well as in the surrounding areas.

I now understand that this is far from the truth, and we aim to change that with these newsletters through which we hope to make your stay with us more enjoyable.

This newsletter is for your benefit, and we want to hear what information about your building or your immediate surrounds you’d find valuable.


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